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Translating your Spanish, French and Portuguese documents into English

Medicine and pharmaceuticals

Clinical trials

  • Correspondence
  • Protocols and amendments
  • Information for subjects
  • ADR and SAE reports

Journal articles

  • Case reports
  • Research papers
  • News articles

Medical reports

  • Hospital discharge summaries
  • Laboratory tests
  • Medicolegal documents

Regulatory documents

  • SPCs, PILs and PI texts
  • Pharmacovigilance documents
  • Substantial modifications

International development


United Nations documentation

  • Country reports
  • Committee reports
  • Documentation for internal use
  • Summary records of meetings
  • Written interventions

NGO documentation

  • Training manuals
  • Grant applications
  • Press releases
  • Surveys and questionnaires


Certified translation

(Spanish to English only)

Personal documentation

  • Birth and death certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Medical reports

Academic documentation

  • Qualifications
  • Module descriptors
  • Personal references

The translation process

Assessment and quote

You send me a copy of your document. I’ll analyse it and give you a quote and proposed timeline. If you are a new client, I will ask you to pay 50% of the fee upfront.


I never outsource translations, so you can be sure that your document has been translated by me personally. I use translation technology to recreate the original formatting of your document.

Review by a second professional translator

Two heads are better than one. I send my translation to a trusted colleague who reviews the English for errors, fluency and consistency. Confidentiality is maintained throughout the review stage.


Once I’ve received the reviewed translation, I carry out a number of final checks:

  • Spelling and punctuation,
  • Common mistakes,
  • Numbers and non-breaking spaces,
  • Formatting.

Certification (optional)

If you need the English translation to be certified, at this stage I will produce a certificate bearing an ITI seal. If you need hard copies, I will send you printed copies of the original, translation and certificate to a UK address via Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®.